maart 9th, 2015

Well hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted another blog. But do not worry! Here’s another “making of”of a concept/sketch  for a tattoo that I’ve designed for someone. Mind you, it’s not the final and this design will be altered by another artist. And yes, those are butterflies and no I don’t feel any less manly! It started with some simple thumbnails sketches, which I then scanned into Illustrator. As you can see I was looking at some references on Pinterest, just to see how it would fit on the body. After digital inking  it went straight to coloring. At first I wanted to make it a more surreal/ Giger -inspired but ultimately the client wanted them to be more colorful, no vines and a little spread out. I also wanted t crate some sense of depth. So here you have it my first concept tattoo design: